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Balloon Day…

There having a Balloon… rally, or… festival or whatever they call them when a bunch of hot air balloon enthusiasts get together to show off their wares; here in Lubbock. So we being the “hot air balloon enthusiasts” we are, got up at 0530 this morning to go watch them “launch”. I have to say it was pretty cool. There was rumor of a Storm brewing which delayed the launch by about an hour. Once the balloons got out of their various colorful trailers and out onto Terra firma there was plenty of action that kept us all entertained. I was amazed at how the balloons could almost control where they were going. it seemed, that by varring altitudes pilots could navigate the balloons to drift away and then com back to the spot from which they launched. Anyway, if you here of a Balloon launch near you I suggest you go check it out. Like my 4 year old says, “its always good to try new things”. (we may need to amend that later in life)

September 9, 2007 - Posted by | Uncategorized

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