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Maybe I am a donkey…

I have always said I was a Republican. I’ve never even really known the fundamental difference between the two. In my Mormon mind one party was “bad” and the other “good”; like black and white, pretty and ugly, fat and skinny. I know one party is in favor of abortion and the other largely is pro-life. This is the premise by which I have based my political affiliation? I guess growing up LDS in Salt Lake City one need not be educated, but simply think and do what everyone else does.
Well I’ll tell ya. I now have an Opinion about one thing. Big business, I am not sure what that title really entails but I am tired of large corporations making me settle for poor service and bad product. And this, I’m told is the fault of a Republican government. There is a flow chart in my mind that goes like this. Republican Government gives tax breaks to large corporations in the name of economic prosperity (and votes). Large corporations succeed. Large corporations stamp out the competition (I thought this was monopoly). Here’s the kicker. Large corporations only have to produce as much service or product that keeps them in business.
Example: Large Fancy Grocery store (LFG) opens up near you. You try it out. You like it because they have the appropriate number of checkers and you don’t wait in line. So… you go back. LFG succeeds due to your patronism and Government tax breaks. The place you used to go, goes out of business. LFG now scales down the service, you wait in line forever, prices go up (some) and there are under-developed little girls selling you raffle tickets in the doorway.
Thank you Republicans and Capitalism. So everywhere we go we suffer with the poor service and bad product. An MBA Student recently confided in me that this is actually the plan. “The market will dictate the amount of service they must provide, if you don’t like it you can go somewhere else” he said. Well, the somewhere else went out of business and now I would have to drive clear across town. 😦 😦 So I hate this system. What ever you call it. Or whom ever you want to blame it on. But now everywhere I go I see business owners getting away with “just enough” to keep them in business. The health care system is riddled with this mentality. Airlines. bah.. I am gonna stop now… at least this gets the tampon of the front page.

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You can’t make this stuff up.


I have wanted to post this story for a few weeks. I have been lost in quandary over how best to tactfully write it; But, the story itself is devoid of tact. Can you write tampon on the Internet? Well, here goes.

I know a lady who teaches aerobics. One morning as she was in the midst of teaching a full class of cardiac fiends (including the principle at her daughters school and 3 male participants) at 0530 AM. The Accessory One Wears While Menstruating (AOWWM) became dislodged from its primary place of purpose. fortunately my friend was wearing long Capri style pants while she taught that morning. However as she could feel the AOWWM begin to move south down her pant leg, she decided she could no longer ignore it. Leaving her class in mid “grapevine-to-the-left”, she said she’d be right back and ran across the gym to the door, down the stairs and to the restroom.

Once she made it to the restroom she couldn’t find it. Right, she couldn’t find it. The AOWWM wasn’t in her pants. Where was it? She quickly re-traced her steps back to the gym. She had hoped the unsightly object would be found on a step or just outside the restroom. She made it all the way back to the gym where her class was dutifully engaged in the routine (as best they could remember) AND THERE IT WAS.

In the middle of the gym, in the middle of the class, on the floor; sat a bright red heme filled cotton bullet, with a tail. Easily mistaken for a little red mouse with a white tail, the class participants stayed perfectly instep with their head and eyes straight ahead. They pretended they didn’t even see her as she walked nonchalantly to the item and picked it up. She quickly disposed of the item in a trash receptacle and went back to teaching the class.

When this story was told to me I was literally rolling on the floor laughing. And the funniest part to me was when she said, “none of this would have happened if I had just worn some panties”. eh? no underwear? Well, I won’t pretend to even have a clue as to why it’s desirable to wear a thong or nothing at all when your a women (something about the wrinkles I gather) but…. there ya go.

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Peanutbutter and Jelly

This is my favorite group “Inside Out” and I cant get this song out of my head.. enjoy.. click on little blue arrow
cool eh?


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Peanutbuter and Jelly

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