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By way of blog bizzness…

A Note

Dear Readership:
Welcome to my blog. I started my blog because I have things to say and stories to tell. Story telling is a long standing family tradition. We have tapes from generations past in which uncles and Aunts would tell stories of their childhood. My stories are all funny and some drastically embellished to some degree. But hey, If Dan Rather can do it I figure what the heck. As for the title “The Great Plan of Happiness” its really a reference that Mormons “get”. It refers to the real meaning of all things; The, Why we’re here, Where we are goingness of it all.
Its a Joke, its like taking a look at the nutty things in our life and saying “what if this is as good as it gets”.
Anyway the things I write are just my opinions and my mother would like to add that she does not condone or endorse the things I write for public consumption.
A word about my spelling and grammar. We live in an age of lost arts. My favorite casualty is that being the art of spelling. I will say that most people can not spell.
Why do you think physicians have such bad handwriting. It is widely excepted that if you just put down the first 3 letters and scribble the rest everyone should get it.
with the advent of spell check I can blame any spelling errors on spell check and as for my punctuation lets face it. If I don’t know what punctuation to use… here comes a semicolon.
OK then,, Ive said it. oh and by the way the comments are now set to anyone so anyone can post a comment but if you flame me I’ll erase you
The Bull

October 11, 2007 - Posted by | October

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