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Misery loves company

I just read the funniest most truthful blog. It characterizes parenthood as the second oldest pyramid scheme.

My brother who is 30 is finally having his first baby and oh how Sweet it is. Here’s a guy who sleeps until 0800 in the morning before going to work whenever he wants. On the weekend, if I call before 0900; it is as if I have committed high treason. Whilst I on the other hand have often been up since 0600 changing diapers finding a cartoon making breakfast listening to whining ect ect.

Another friend of ours who has been less than fertile is blessed to be … oh who knows about 30 weeks pregnant now? I don’t know why either of these couples have endeavored to embark on this journey of a thousand tears. I can only assume that they, having witnessed our unending glee have been jealous all this time. We must have been making it look easy. They must have wanted for themselves the obvious joy we so obviously flaunt.

To you and others we have bamboozled I say welcome. Welcome to my world sucka.

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  1. Matt,
    Still a great site. Glad to see you’ve made the move to wordpress.

    Now regarding parenthood- you’re right it’s a scam. Children really are the punishment God hands out for the horrors you perpetrated on your parents. No way that the tax deduction is worth the effort.

    I’m always amazed that any marriage survives parenthood. I’m never sure if I should offer congrats or condolences on the announcement of the “blessed event.” Perhaps the best that can be hoped for is that we get to be old enough to be burdens on our children. Oh- but I guess that means they have to find jobs first…

    I am lucky though. My kids are old enough to believe that I’m not the dumbest person on the planet (they think it’s Al Gore). They can speak in whole sentences. And best of all- they’re old enough to pick up the adult beverages on the way when they come to visit.


    Comment by aegis1 | November 15, 2007 | Reply

  2. I overheard myself saying to my husband earlier today…I hope when their (coworker’s) first baby is born, they get the kind of rude awakening we had with ours.

    Comment by April | November 18, 2007 | Reply

  3. SCAM INDEED!! And I fell for it twice!!

    And I can’t prove it, but sometimes, late at night, I swear I can hear them plotting against me…

    Comment by The Jaded NYer | November 28, 2007 | Reply

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