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I have watched the Mit Romney speech about 2.8 times.

I have wondered myself if Mit was for real. I am not sure I am a Fan of republicanism; then again I don’t think I even know what it is. I do know that in states or cities that are conservative it is harder for me to find a job. I also know that big money and big business like Republicans (that can’t be good for us). Nevertheless, after watching Mit give his speech(which you can watch in parts on youtube) I think he is a good guy. He has good hair and eloquent and usually I don’t fall for that crap. but, this one sentence makes me a believer.

“some say that if I don’t distance myself from my faith, it could cost me the election. If that is true then SO BE IT”.

Usually canadiates will say anything to get elected and gain more votes. I enjoy his cander and fiber to do what he thinks is right regardless. And apparntly others do to. even baptists.

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