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These guys produce a descent product.

The Office is a decent show. Actually its hilarious. I only just became attuned to it as such, since we got DVR we don’t see commercials or branch out at all anymore. Now The Office is a regular weekly record for us. In fact we have purchased season one and season two DVD’s at walmart and have watched them all. In addition we have purchased 9 episodes via Itunes. The Cast of the Office is comprised largely of the folks who do the writing for it. In other words the writers are also the cast-members. B.J. Novac (Ryan) does a lot of the writing but so also does (toby) and others. When the network sells the DVD these guys get ZERO dollars. When they sell on Itunes these guys get ZERO dollars. Here again we find Capitalism at its finest. The Network executives continue to cram money into their pockets while those who actually produce the product get screwed, Well, isn’t that how it is at your job too. It is at mine. I am all for stickin it to the MAN and pledge to not watch any more TV during the prime hours on Thursdays in December. That will show em.

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  1. Stickin it to the Man, Yah buddy! Instead of stickin it to the man, why don’t you just become the man. There is no law against you being the man. No law against you owning a company. You just have to be Man enough to do it and get there. One of the beauties of Capitolism is the ability of ownership. Being able to own land, own a home, own a business is crucial to the driving force of a strong economy. Ownership provides the incentive to innovate, develop product, provide better goods and services, invent, improve etc.

    This is not to say there are no injustices, and no perceived injustices. There are blenty of both. For true injustices our country allows us to go on strike. Allows us to re-negotiate contracts, allows us to leave a company and go somewhere else, or start our own company. For those suffering perceived injustices, one may do well to examine the benefits they are still receiving from being an employee in a capitolist market. That person should examine the wages he would earn for an equivalent proffesion in say, a European coutry, or better yet and Eastern european country, or a south american country. After a short analysis, most would find they are grateful to be an employee to ‘the man’ in this great capitolist market we have here. And if still not satisfied, then leave. Go to a non capitolist country, or change, and be ‘the man’ yourself. Might I dare say, you are free to choose.

    Comment by Dallon D | December 13, 2007 | Reply

  2. I love the passion. Any attack of Capitalism is felt deep in your roots of Americanism. They go hand in hand right? A good patriot protects capitolism. Anti- Capitalism is Perceived as pro-communism. I am not disagreeing with your comment I am just pointing out how connected our Americanism is connected to our pride in the government of Capitalism. We must believe thats what sets us apart. We must believe thats why WE are BETTER than others. I wonder if citizens of other countries are so loyal to their respective government.

    Comment by bitterbarn | December 13, 2007 | Reply

  3. What we have isn’t true capitalism though. We have a protected-capitalism. True libertarian style capitalism would not bail out all of the poorly run big businesses that get into trouble (airlines and mortgages spring quickly to mind). What we have is capitalism, up until a company is big enough to purchase a few politicians, at which point it becomes a price fixing, government subsidised entity.

    Comment by BugHunter | December 14, 2007 | Reply

  4. I agree. We are not a pure capitolist nation. We are, sadly to say a good portion socialist. Ahhhh, shudder the thought. All of this fight against socialized medicine. Well, better fight harder because we are already a significant portion socialized medicine. ie county health clinic, ie county hospitals, ie medicaid, ie medicare, ie huge list of residency and graduate medical training programs and facilities who recieve federal funds to exist and operate.

    We are part socialist government when considering the tax structure, re-distribution of wealth from wealthy. ie the over thousands of dollars I paid in tax this year to the medicaid program, and Social security fund.

    Indeed, I would also say, there is a very very large portion of our country that is not capitolist loving, as you would gather reading bitterbarns blogs. For the average Joe, or Jane (I’m feeling PC today) There is a big lack of security in a capitolist market. No one will take care of you, but you. In a capitolist society the individual has to work hard, and make his own way. You have to find a good enough job with insurance benefits, or a good enough job so you can buy insurance benefits, or else you become part of the socialist society and go on medicaid. “But I don’t have insurance to pay for that medicine” Well, I suggest you trade in your $45,000 SUV for a 7 year old Honda, and make up the difference. A capitolist society requires individual responsibility. I would suggest again that a very large portion of our population would prefer the easy life in a socialist society whether they realize it or not.

    And I think I take the time to bring up these points of discussion, to help convince you that I am not merely dogmatic about America, and capitolism. I fear greatly to think we as people are better than others. but I do believe the system (despite it’s colossal faults) has great advantages vs many of the alternatives.

    Comment by Dallon D | December 15, 2007 | Reply

  5. So, I don’t sleep anymore. I have now watched all of the Office episodes online, mostly in the wee hours of morning. I thought this was just smart of me because Wes and I don’t have TV and I’m too cheap to purchase the DVD’s (I usually reserve them from the library, you know tax dollars, stuff I’m already paying for). I think that you putting on a Thursday night strike is stupid and ineffective. The writers are already doing that, as well they should if they’re not getting paid. I’m really tired and slightly nauseous, so I don’t think I got my point across at all. I’ll try again someother time.

    Comment by Andrea | December 20, 2007 | Reply

  6. lol,, yeah its a joke,
    Joke explanation
    While I wish I could do somthing for these poor saps I am not quite motivated enough to acually follow through with any kind of personal deprivation. (only motivated enough to make a blog post about it) So my thursday night abstinace is my way of saying here guys I’ll help you out but I can only do so much. The funny part is; of course the amout I was willing to sacrifice will do nothing for them.
    three cheers for watching in on the internet I say, I Just think the writers should get a cut. 🙂

    Comment by bitterbarn | December 20, 2007 | Reply

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