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Dumb it down please!!!

These kids!, you birth em, you get up in the night, you feed them, change them, you pick up poop of the floor, you scrub the walls when they write on them and now I have to study with them. The Elementary school my daughter goes to is supposed to be this “really good” school. bla bla bla.

Well its so damn hard I couldn’t go there. In first grade she has home work every-night. With spelling words like “dribble” and “handy”, I would have been held back 3 years. What ever happened to “dick and Jane”. She is getting letter grades already. Every day when she gets home we have to sit down and do homework with her until its time for bed. Who is in school here her or us. FIRST GRADE come on!! These teachers must really think highly of themselves put so much stock in what a kid learns in first grade. Hell I couldn’t write an essay until my first year of college. I am starting to think this “no child left behind” thing is not such a good idea. So “when” we move I hope we can find a school with dumber kids; or at least lower expectations. 🙂

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Drunken closing

Why,, Why Why this is seriously making me mad.

The government is offering another hand to those who took out mortgages while under the influence.

Where they under the influence of drugs or alcohol or just the their own dreams of owning a home they could in no way afford.

Why do I have to be the sober one? CNN talks like this is a good thing the government is doing. I say no. Let those homes foreclose and let me come buy them properly.

bah,,,, meh…. yeesh….

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The field

Man, I grow more and more unimpressed with the potential presidential candidates. Have they always been this bad/shallow or am I just understanding more now that I am older?

I am particularly disturbed with what McCain did in West Virgina yesterday.

Quick recap if your not familiar.

* West Virgina was the earliest poll to close yesterday, It seems like they called Virgina around 4pm central time

* John McCain, Sensing he would loose the state; told his delegates to cast vote for Huckabee

* He basically conceded the state; But gave his delegates to Huckabee, Not cuz he wanted to see Huckabee do well but to BLOCK Romney from winning the state.

* West Virgina which was clearly Mit Romneys state to loose goes instead to Huckabee in an upset early in the day before voters had turned out in the other states to vote.

This early decision caused voters in the rest of the south to consider Huckabee rather than Romney or McCain a viable canidate thus splitting the vote.

This move seemed to come so natural to McCain; As if it were some kind of underhanded deal he had participated in many times in Washington. Now, the GOP “front-runner” is a guy who is so by doing a back door deal.

Now who do we vote for? The republican democrat or the democrat democrat Iam confused. If McCain gets the nod I am gonna have to vote for Obama out of shear “through my hands up in the air, hope for the best desperation”.

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