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Drunken closing

Why,, Why Why this is seriously making me mad.

The government is offering another hand to those who took out mortgages while under the influence.

Where they under the influence of drugs or alcohol or just the their own dreams of owning a home they could in no way afford.

Why do I have to be the sober one? CNN talks like this is a good thing the government is doing. I say no. Let those homes foreclose and let me come buy them properly.

bah,,,, meh…. yeesh….

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  1. Welcome to the Unites Socialist States of America, sometimes known as “The Handout Nation”

    Comment by BugHunter | February 13, 2008 | Reply

  2. Perfect. If you heard Obama’s speach on Super Tuesday, one of his promises was ‘to make it so every american can afford their mortgage’. Sounds like we are already doing that. Among other things, Obama promised everyone can go to college, everyone ‘black and white’ kids can have better education because he will pay teachers more. Everyone will afford health care. And the list of promises goes on.

    How does a president accomplish those promises? Taxes, More programs, bigger government, More interferement into the private sector (free market).

    Basically it sounds like the government is enabling people to continue making poor decisions. When people make poor decisions, if enabled or sheltered from the consequences of the poor decision, they will not feel the pain of their poor decision, and they will have no incentive to change behavior and stop poor decisions. Vicious cycle really. If you follow this train of Logic, then you would theoretically agree that any government involvement (ie relief, aid, care, bankruptcy, medicaid, and the list goes on) then ultimately harms those people who it is intended to help.

    This is why limited, small government is better. The proper role of government is for things like national defense, policing (law enforcement), roads, and to a certain extent utilities. Any thing beyond that ultimately will harm society as a whole-Theoretically speaking.

    What say ye?

    Comment by D. Dudley | February 14, 2008 | Reply

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