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Here is some more good ole American corporate goodness.

This lady, an employee of Wal-mart, was in a car accident that has left her severly handicapped,  nursing home style.  She won a law suit that awarded her 470k. It was meant to take care of her the rest of her life.  Wal-mart however, has a sneaky little clause in their group health insurance plan that states any money awarded to a victim would go to them.  This ladies son died in Iraq.  Wal-mart made 90 billion in the third quarter alone.  How does this crap happen? I am not sure who to blame this on.  Blame must be assigned.  hmmm..     capitalism or republicanism, maybe  big business.

could we really boycott Wal-mart.  I’ll give it a try.   here is the link to the full article.   click here now.

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  1. I could easily boycott Walmart. The isles are way too crowded and the merchanise quality is cheap and often as trashy as it’s usual customers (my neightbors). I only go there in absolute desperation.

    Comment by Andrea | March 28, 2008 | Reply

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