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a search warrant a search warrant?

This kid looks like he’s being tortured

looks like it must be a huge relief for those girls.

I am putting Texas and Baptists on notice.

take the criminal out of the home; not the victim.

“Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof

first amendment, Constitution of The United States of America

this blog is following all the developments

flds attorney



Update, 0700 4/23 Here is a petition you can sign.

Update 0742 4/23

This is for any patriotic defender of due process and the United States Constitution. We may individually find the FLDS repugnant, backward, think their theology unbiblical and their clothes stupid. We may personally find polygamy to be sinful and the congregational blessing of a spiritual marriage of a seventeen year old – male or female – to be abhorrent. We may, each of us, be secretly convinced the FLDS men are rapist perverts the punishment of whom ought to involve sticking knives and rusty reel mowers. These are merely personal beliefs, however; which we are all entitled to under our Constitution, just as are the FLDS.

We, the people, insist the FLDS are just as entitled to due process under the law and their constitutional rights as are any of us. Not because of our firm belief in their absolute innocence, but because we firmly believe they are American citizens, endowed by their Creator with certain rights inalienable.

We believe these inalienable rights are being denied. We believe any possible criminal cases are being irreparably damaged. We believe in justice. This is why we protest.

Contact your Representatives –

Contact your Governor –

Contact Texas Gov. Rick Perry –

Contact Focus On The Family –

Sign the petition –

Sheriff Joe Hunt, Tom Green County –

The San Angelo City Council –{11C62472-E41B-47AD-9E45-98606DB6404F}

Email the Austin chapter of the ACLU at This may or may not be the correct chapter; I couldn’t find that information. Pester them anyhow.

Texas CPS –

San Angelo Standard-Times –

Austin American-Statesman –…tersubmit.html

If you need a letter:

– to Focus on the Family

Dear Dr. James Dobson,

I am writing because of my deep concerns in regards to the FLDS custody case in Texas.
In particular I am concerned about this legal argument offered by the Texas Child Protective Services, used successfully to retain custody over 416 children in a mass custody hearing.

“…[The FLDS children] are ruthlessly indoctrinated from birth to believe disobedience will lead to their damnation.”

This was cast by CPS, and agreed to by Judge Barbara Walthers, as inherently abusive; so abusive that the state could conceive of no proposal by which the children would ever be safe in their parents’ care.

This is not even a small leap from concluding that all Christian parents are “ruthlessly indoctrinating their children” with the threat of “damnation” – this is the exact same as concluding this is so. However small, it is a legal precedent and dangerous beyond belief.

Please, stand up against this. We may think it is very different to teach polygamy as biblically sound versus teaching the word of Christ. I doubt humanistic bureaucrats will make such a distinction.


– to your Congresscritters or Governor

Dear (insert proper name here),

I am deeply concerned about the FLDS case in Texas. As a devout Christian, the state’s argument that religious beliefs taught in conjunction with the “threat” of “damnation” are inherently so abusive that the state cannot conceive of a proposal by which children would ever be safe in the care of their parents, is dreadfully alarming. The lack of probable cause, via one phone call authorities now believe to be a hoax, will surely taint any evidence to the point that no criminal convictions will ever arise; however deserved they are found to be! The lack of due process, illustrated by an en masse hearing for 416 children in direct violation of Texas law, et cetera ad nauseum, is shocking beyond belief.

Texas CPS is currently detaining an eighteen year old adult woman against her will, with a certified birth certificate to prove her age, because they believe she is lying about her age.

District Judge Barbara Walthers deliberated for a mere five minutes before giving her ruling.

A seventeen year old Canadian citizen visiting her grandmother has been made a ward of the state of Texas, without benefit of the Canadian consulate.

I see abundant evidence of a miscarriage of justice, dangerous legal precedents and abuse of powers. I insist as your constituent that action be taken to uphold the Constitution and due process.


If y’all can find it in you to take action by signing the petition and/or emailing anyone you feel proper, please do so at once. I welcome additional examples of good letters to send, more contacts to email, or anything you can think of which may have a positive effect on what is occurring in Texas. Please pass this on.

UPDATE 0929 4/23 Points by Bob Lonsberry

These kids have been moved 5 times in 3 weeks

Baptist church (theological spit in the face)

Army Fort

San Angelo Coliseum

Group homes

Foster homes.

Some of these kids are isolated meaning they have no sibling with them and with an every changing cast of adult supervision.

Statistically speaking; 2 dozen of these kids will be physically or sexually abused in the Texas Foster care system.

Texas has decided these people may not pray unsupervised. (Daniel and lions den)

You’d be hard pressed to find a parallel for this in American jurisprudence.

UPDATE 4/28/09  1930    check this out

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Mr. Fancypants

Chances are you pants are not as fancy as the pair

of very fancy pants, that mr. fancypants would wear.

when everybodies marchin in the fancy pants parade

he’s gonna be the best, he’s gonna pass the test.

the best in terms of pants.

You look in every catoluge and shop in every store.

cuz even though you have a hundred pants you want some more.

then suddenly you see the greatest pants you’ve ever seen.

and even though you know its gonna cost alot of dough

you have to have the worlds best pants.

Say a little prayer for mr. fancy pants.

the whole world knows its only clothes yet deep inside he’s sad.

They make the bid annoucment and the trophy goes to you.

you thought you had some fancy pants and now you know its true.

you look at mr. fancypants and hold the trophy high

everybody cheers while he’s blinking back the tears.

he doesn’t even have the best pants.

by johnathan coulton

Happy Birthday Dobber.

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Mormon Like Me.

words; Religious deference, Hauns Mill, Joseph Fielding Smith, Fundamental Baptist, Modern day MOB

Why don’t we just take a few deep breaths before we send 400 folks off to the gas chamber. I have been contemplating the relevant issues of my earthly pilgrimage this last week as the news from Eldorado has come to light. I started this very post early on but didn’t dare to publish it. But, now as the momentum is beginning to take new direction maybe I could say these things without you thinking I am more nutzo than I am.

At first when I heard about things like “rape” and forced marriages I was as outraged as you. I thought, “yeah, finally someone will drop the bomb on these crazies”.

That initial feeling I believe comes because all my life my faith has been identified as a cult or a sect. Often I am asked about polygamy, Whether we practice it or not, why did the “Mormons” practice polygamy etc. Recently I believe a “Mormon” presidential candidate was ousted unfairly mostly because of his religion. I have personally been a target for anti- Mormonism where I work.


1. March 24 1832; OHIO ; Joseph Smith is dragged out of his home beaten,tared and feathed by a “mob on a noble errand”.

2. October 30, 1838 Missouri 18 Mormons slaughtered at Hauns mill at the now notorious “Hauns Mill Masacre”,,,

“After the initial attack, several of those who had been wounded or had surrendered were shot at point blank range. Members of the militia entered the shop and found ten-year-old Sardius Smith hiding under the blacksmith’s bellows. William Reynolds put the muzzle of his gun against the boy’s skull and blew off the upper part of his head. Reynolds later explained, “Nits will make lice, and if he had lived he would have become a Mormon.”[4] Seventy-eight year old Thomas McBride surrendered his musket to militiaman Jacob Rogers, who then shot McBride and hacked his body with a corn knife. Several bodies were mutilated or clothing stolen while many women were assaulted. Houses were robbed, wagons, tents and clothing were stolen, and horses and livestock were driven off, leaving the surviving women and children destitute.”

3. 1857 Salt Lake Valley Joseph Fielding Smith was acausted by us army militia sent to destory mormon settlements. An anrgy Mober exlaimed his purpose to exterminate Mormons when he stumbled on Joseph F. Smith. When aske “are you a Mormon”, he said ” yes sir, died in the wool, true blue, through and through”.

4. October 27 1838 most Americans don’t know that the govoner of Missouri gave and extermination order for anyone to kill Mormons on sight and without question, here the kicker this LAW wasn’t replealed unitl 1976. guess I am lucky to be alive.

Whats the point:

I have never felt as close to these “mormon” zealots as I do now. At a time when their children have been taken from them and seperated. I guess I feel connected to them because this sort of thing could happen to any of us. If people think we are as bizzare as we think the FLDS is then why not.

Just like what happend to a certain relgion durring WW2. Are they CRazy? yes, Are they weird? of course. Do they rape little girls???? I Don’t know. I DO know they have not yet found this so called 16 year old that allegeldy made an emergency call. And I DO know that the guy they were hunting hasn’t been in Texas in 30 years. I am told that it is a group of “fundamental Baptists” that kind of staged this whole thing. So a group of some other religion targets you and your family “cuz your gonna burn in hell (hillbilly accent)”. They ride in on thier cute little Christian busses and load you up, separate you. and march you off.

This is a quote off of

“This whole thing is starting to stink to high heaven.

All the articles I’ve seen defending this action seem to be based on “everybody knows” evidence.

Now sure these people have some wacky beliefs, but they are still Americans, and last time I checked “everybody knows” is not sufficient to take children away from their parents- you ought have some actual evidence- and from everything coming out of the police this does not seem to be apparent.”

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The Wheels On the Bus

How can I sit Idle during this most recent airline/safety fiasco?

So, come to find out this particular maintenance that is being done  has been long over due and is only being done now because it came to public light that the FAA was turning a blind eye to it.

   The Other Foot;

  So now that American Airlines, on the third day has left  thousands stranded due to cancellations because the Wheel Wiring is being “fixed” on all these planes. I just wonder what the quality of the work that is being done is like.  ON THE WHEELS!!!  Certainly you can imagine the managers of this operation standing around with a bull whip going “hurry hurry hurry, we are loosing money; that’s good enough on that one, bring the next one in, How many more do we have to do. OMG…” ON THE WHEELS!!!!       Capitalism???  Big business?????   I do think so.   Look, if we are putting super glue on large wounds in operating room to save time in closing, I guarantee you some corner is being cut on these planes.

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