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Shotgun “no rock”

ah, remembering the simpler times, as I bring my family back to the land of our inheritance. As we drove through the canyon east of Coalville, my kids watched the sides of the canyon wall in wondering awe. When they saw a small patch of snow; Their reaction was awesome and everything I had hoped for.

This is a time of great change. It has an apocalyptic feeling to it, but I imagine the survivors of worse times felt the same way. The Great Depression, and 2 World Wars brought far worse circumstances. I am disappointed that our president hasn’t come on TV to tell us his plan about how to deal with the problems of today ie 4$/gal gasoline. I am looking at buying a CNG car (natural gas). Natural gas costs about 70 cents per gallon and there are plenty of public filling stations in SLC.

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  1. Wanna make your own gas, if you know anything about chemistry you can make your own Biodiesel from used vegetable oil, no joke check out this website.

    Comment by cuzin Chris | May 30, 2008 | Reply

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