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Real men of ROCK

A few weeks ago I was driving along and heard a song. It was the best song. NO, The real best song. I couldn’t even understand the words and it was nevertheless awesome. So not knowing the words or who the artist was I set out on a quest to figure it out. I had the tune in my head. I sang the tune in gibberish for several people whom I thought might know it. and then one day it happened. I did my horrible rendition in the OR and the ophthalmologist knew exactly the song. That same night, on the office Michael Scott sang it at Tobys farewell.

The reason I say Real men is you don’t see singers do this kind of thing LIVE anymore.

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what to write about…

again I’ve been having writers block. Ill take some votes though here are the topics ive been thinking about.

Priestcraft.  and its many disguises.

Post election Chaos  state secession, Riots and you know what else (can’t be written on the Internet)

Super tramp  ( goodbye stranger)

Niccolo Machiavelli

OK go. which one do you want to hear me rant about.

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Lets not do it again.

Wanna see exactly why we are in this financial crisis?

I was surprised to learn that it is an actual goal of government to make sure that everyone has a home. everyone. should everyone have a home?? …. shelter yes, home… I don’t think so.

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Bill O Cowtow #2

Thankyou Bill for having the courage to make people uncomforable. Thankyou for using your platform to say the things we want to.

ok.  why do we have guys in charge named  Barney or Hank?  Why do they all have speech impediments?

Just look at that guy.  Is he an elected official?  who elects these people?   does he look like who goes to work everyday to do his best?

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