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Bill O Cowtow #2

Thankyou Bill for having the courage to make people uncomforable. Thankyou for using your platform to say the things we want to.

ok.  why do we have guys in charge named  Barney or Hank?  Why do they all have speech impediments?

Just look at that guy.  Is he an elected official?  who elects these people?   does he look like who goes to work everyday to do his best?

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  1. I couldn’t hear what that guy was saying for 2 reasons. 1-speach impediment. 2-He lacked ability to clarify his statement, or to admit fault. If he admitted fault, this would have strengthened his credibility immensely. (admitting fault/taking responsibility for actions or comments is a great way to gain credibility, and will help you win an overall argument-credit Timberridge). Then with his credibility I might have been able to overcome the impediment.

    Comment by wallon dhitney | October 6, 2008 | Reply

  2. For the health of others around me I’ve had to stop listening to this kinda stuff. I’ve never been this emotionally invested in an election in my life. Don’t you just want to punch that fat liar right in his face. The idiot lib’s think we’re a bunch of moron’s… they caused this whole problem with sub-prime lending, and now they have the cojones to try and blame Bush, the Republicans, and conservatives for the problems we’re nw having. IT MAKES MY BLOOD BOIL!!!

    Comment by Mark | October 7, 2008 | Reply

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