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what to write about…

again I’ve been having writers block. Ill take some votes though here are the topics ive been thinking about.

Priestcraft.  and its many disguises.

Post election Chaos  state secession, Riots and you know what else (can’t be written on the Internet)

Super tramp  ( goodbye stranger)

Niccolo Machiavelli

OK go. which one do you want to hear me rant about.

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  1. I would love to hear a discourse of the Supertramp hit, goodbye stranger. That would be nice.

    Comment by wallon dhitney | October 30, 2008 | Reply

  2. I’d like to suggest an alternative topic. ‘How to cure Presidential election fatigue’ I’m so tired of hearing about the elections. Or rather, I’m tired of hearing others say how tired they are of the elections.

    Comment by wallon dhitney | October 31, 2008 | Reply

  3. Yes I agree with the latter half of your “tiredness”. This maybe the most important election of our life time. And, we are in the midst of a financial tsunami. And yet, When I walk into the “break lounge” at work. The adult professionals I work with are usually watching “Sponge Bob”, “king of the Hill” or “Malcome in the Middle” re-runs.
    I am not sure that they are fatigued as much as they just, just,…. just… children.
    the bull

    Comment by the bull | October 31, 2008 | Reply

  4. Okay, so I am not choosing one of your options. I don’t have a blog of my own, so I hope you will be charitable and let me speak my mind and not judge me too harshly if my opinion differs from your. This is what I am thinking. This is the first time I am really scared about the outcome of an election. This is going to have a big effect on the future of each American. Though I am a true died in the wool (what does that phrase mean, anyway)committed voter. I have the feeling that my vote really doesn’t count, that it has already been decided by the media. Unfortunately,I have more fear than faith in the judgement of some American people. I love America, I am proud of America and what it has stood for. It has been good to my ancesters and to our present day family. I had two ancesters on the May Flower that suffered huge hardship to come to the unknown for better opportunity. Would I have been willing to take the hard way for more than what was mine already? I stand in awe of that small group of “pilgrims” They deserve great respect. Today, I take America any day even with its flaws over any other country. I believe the Book of Mormon, that this is a promised land. I, also, believe the Book of Mormon where it says it will only remain a promised land as long as we have a rightous nation. The big change we really need is to go back to the worship of God, higher morals, honesty and the strong work ethic, and etc. We, Duane and I, are doing better now than ever before. This a credit to a merciful God and Duane working hard to be where he is now. We struggled for years trying to make ends meet. WE didn’t need the government to give us a hand out. WE had a budget and worked it. WE never had help from our parents that we didn’t pay back with interest. WE bought what we could afford. WE paid our debts. We were always honest in our dealings with others. There have always been americans that have done this and passed down the same traditons. WE cherished the opportunity to pay tithing and have reaped rewards, spiritually as well as temporally. WE have been blessed by our God. I can only hope that there are enough righteous people left that are praying for the Lord to guide our leaders. Never was there a time we needed it more. I am going to vote. You all need to vote. Hopefully, God will still have mercy on our country. It isn’t my purpose to toot our horn but to make the point that what right does the government have as propagated by one candidate to take our hard earned well deserved resources from us just because we have it and give it to others that arn’t willing to put the same effort into having it themselves. WE have been willing to pay the price. Why should we be penalized because we did? WE pay a huge tax bill as it is. When the kids grow up and move away, there arn’t anymore deductions. Please, Lord, protect America on Tuesday.

    Okay, Wow! that feels so good to write it out. I feel much better. You youngsters are the hope for the future. God bless you.

    Comment by Sandra Whitney | November 3, 2008 | Reply

  5. Sandra Thanks for your input and welcome to Bitterbarn.

    Comment by the bull | November 3, 2008 | Reply

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