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The big three

educate me.

What does a CEO do; at work I mean? Does it take a rare skill set? Where did this profession come from? Managers as it seems produce no tangible product. I am going to pretend I am a manager for a second. … …. … … yup thats what I thought. Nothing to do. Honestly is seems the skill set includes telling people what to do. where to be and how to do it. heh, any lazy ass or big sister in the world is a natural borne CEO.] The Hospital CEO’s I have known over the years do little but approve or disaprove new programs mostly disapprove as that makes it look like their doing something. They come out of their cherry wood office now and then to glad hand the peasants. Even in profession like law and medicine I’ve noticed there are those who would produce the product and those who would sit back and take the credit for the companies succcess. These retards of the Big three coming and asking for a hand out while on the other hand pad their pockets is what the american dream has become. Do you think those guys know the first thing about making a car? I am glad their is a Union and I hope that Union breaks the business. After years and years of putting money into the ceo’s and boards pockets it should break and those CEO’s should go work at wal-mart (as if).
Rarely there are resturants and mom and pop shops where the CEO owner has to work to be profitable. I think we can agree though, if they didn’t HAVE to, they wouldn’t. and that would be fine except that as with all managers they would demand to make more for doing less. I’ve heard some say. EVEN if these CEO’s of the big three took no salary it would not save the industry. ” their salary is a drop in bucket” . True but that salary over time amounts to a lot of waste.
all I am saying that those who boast the skill of mangerial should not entitle themselves to a better quality of life than those who produce the product. I find no skill in that of a manager.

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Sodom and Gahmora’s got nothing on us


ripe for destruction

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I did have a great post, around the time that the tolerant gays where protesting democrazy. It was entitled “deviant sexual behavior”

my wife deleted it by time I got to work.

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