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Dear US Navy:

Dear US Navy:
Should I; whilst under your fine protection become the only American citizen to fall into the hands of pirates in the last 200 years don’t be to hard on yourselves. My captors will probably be high on some kind of amphetamine and their decision making will be hard to compete with. I realize that you must be careful when dealing with a life boat with one motor. I am sorry that you will be under enormous pressure to save me since you training is perceived to be superior than that of my captors. By all means don’t deploy the seal teams; if such a thing exists; to save me , because sirs; I have a plan. After the pirates drug induced high comes to and end; they will begin to crash. At this point I will wait until night time to make my escape. When I jump in the water and begin to swim. BY ALL MEANS, SHOOT. shoot their boat, shoot them do something smart. If in fact the USS Halyburton is more than just a right off please shoot something at my captors when you have the perfect chance when I am in the water and away from them.
Thank you future possible prisoner of pirates.

USS Halyburton

USS Halyburton

somali pirates

somali pirates

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  1. I just want take this time to thank all those who voted for Obama… This is how America reposnds to terrorists now. Fire a missle over our allies… “shame on you, we’re telling the UN”. Kidnap a American Merchant Marine Captain… “If anyone does anything to these pirates they will be punished”. Basically we’re sorry for being “mean” Americans, we’re going to try and be “nice” ones now… WTF!!!

    Comment by Mark | April 13, 2009 | Reply

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