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“taking a bath”

Who doesn’t like a nice warm bath now and then? (I am not gay) I am not talking about the kind of bath where you get naked and sit in a fiberglass pot full of human stew. Not a bath with bath salts that effervesce; Chandler Bing.
I am talking about when things aren’t going so hot, if fact THINGS are downright nasty and you decide to ride the wave to get all your nasties out in one plunge. Big business does this. Executives are under “pressure” to report good things about their companies quarter after quarter. They save all their crappy news in a file called “save for the bath” Then, in a down turn like we’re having or in a quarter where they might think they could get away with some bad news they dump all their bad news on ya at once so as not to take a beating for every little thing; they could just get spanked once. Am I making sense?
For example. If your wife come home late from Bunco and finds that you haven’t cleaned the kitchen. If she gets real mad at you this would be a good time to also tell her you did’t change the baby, forgot to pay the bills, haven’t payed tithing in six months, haven’t registered her car, didn’t refill the toilet paper, forgot to get the family vacation off and didn’t move the laundry around like she asked.
This way you can get beat up for all these things at once rather than take many many smaller beatings This is called taking a bath.

ANY Who…. We see corrupt corporations doing this all over the place now. Intermountain health care a private network of hospitals here in Utah; has ooooodddleeesss of money. The just announced they would not contribute to their employees 401k’s anymore; of course the execs will still get their bonuses. IHC has taken the opportunity of the weak economy to take a bath, tons of companies are doing this. When the econ bounces back they will be that much more ahead. GM is clearly doing this, They saw a great opportunity in a recession to cry poor and we all believe it because hey “times are hard”. The net effect is that GM will be able to cut some fat out of their employees and when the econ comes back they will make even more money than they had been before.

Moral of the story is if you work in an industry that isn’t really effected by the recession watch out for those execs at work to pretend times are tough to eek out some more of their bonus off your back.
demonize? of course. their demons.

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  1. I have a question. If you break up with a girlfriend, just because everyone else is breaking up with their girlfriend, does this count as taking a bath. Because, you know, times are tough right.

    Comment by DW | April 29, 2009 | Reply

  2. YES, it could be seen as more acceptable if everyone of your roomates is doing it. In that case of course everyone has to do whats best for them as girlfriends are individual; and the only thing to gain would be the prospects of a new one. If having a girlfriend is an economic burden; you could get a cheaper one eventhough the last one was cuter. Then when the economy “bounces back” you would be that much more ahead.

    Comment by bitterbarn | April 29, 2009 | Reply

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