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Golds Gym goes on notice.

     A Golds Gym was built here in Tooele. It opened this past summer. Since Tooele people are so starved for civilization, Golds signed up enough people to keep it in business for the next three years even if they got no new contracts in the next three years. (does that make sense?)
The first day I walked in there where at least 3 diff rent machines with “out of order” signs on them. Many machines where old and scuffed up; like they bought them on Ebay or something. we payed a 1000 smakers for our family membership. That averages out to be about 300 hundred dollars per time I will even use the gym. Included in our 1000 dollars was the use of the “kids gym” or you know day care area where they watch your kids while you “work out”. 2 weeks after the place opened they decided to start demanding reservations to bring you kids in. So when we go to the gym they ask us if we have a reservation. How tacky can this place get? Apparently, if you do not have a reservation they can refuse to watch your kids while you work out. Later I figured out that this is a staffing issue, Golds wants to make sure it doesn’t over staff the kids gym area and the way to do that is to take reservations. Starting to smell like capitalism? Your right it is. Golds has been so successful here in Tooele that it no longer feels like it has any obligation to its members. Our product is becoming worse and worse ever time I go to the gym. Two days ago my buddie and I made reservations for the raquette ball court. When my buddy got there; he realized he did not have his gym card, nor his personal ID. They looked up his name, Which brought his picture up on screen. Then demanded he go home and get his gym card eventhoug they had a picture of him on their computer. wasting 30 minutes of our precious work out time which was cut short by an emergency at the hospital.
Don’t go to Golds. don’t sighn up with Gold’s. They are hosing my family and will hose you too.

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  1. Well I hate to say I told you so… well actually I didn’t tell you so, but none the less GOLD’S SUCKS! Kim and I had a membership there for years(mostly for Kim, I’m fat and Happy!), and the service, and the product slowly went to the crapper. I know it’s a bit of a drive but Lifetime rocks, they get it! It’s like a modern Deseret Gym.

    Comment by There a better way | April 24, 2009 | Reply

  2. I 3rd the motion. Gold’s Gym stinks! Broken, dirty equipment that takes forever to fix, if it ever does get fixed. But, it is close and we were members when it was Lifestyles, so we still pay the same $25 a month for both Scott and me. They won’t let us into the new gym up on 13th East, the one with all the new modern stuff and a pool, etc. We’d have to buy a new membership. I would think that if you are a member of Gold’s gym, you should be able to go to any Gold’s Gym.

    Comment by Kathleen | May 1, 2009 | Reply

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