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flex those abs girls.

Do you work out, like ALL THE TIME? Like me?
I don’t feel like I am getting the results the infomercial says I will.
I remember as a young lad in gym class coach would say something about keeping my ab-domino muscles flexed when I exhale. Which I do… I totally do. Maybe I exhale at the wrong time??? I usually flex my abs and push them out as hard as I can. Thats what they mean. Right? When they say “flex those abs”!!! My wife who teaches or taught aerobics told me if you don’t “flex” said abs you could get a little “pooch”. well I do, I most definantly do. I don’t want to get a pooch like this guy so I flex my abs as hard as I can.fatmatt

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act of GOD

well, I accidently deleted the post about mooning my sister-in-law. I was gonna retype it but…. I didn’t want to. I just considered it an act of GOD. and you should too.what ch a doing

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I was just loading my car to go to the airport, we are going to visit my wifes family in Cleavland of all places. My sister-in-law is medical resident. I was going through my self prescribed therapy that has me putting all my differences with medicine aside for the week. (to keep the peace) I started thinking when did I become so jaded toward medicine and capitalism and “the man” anyway. Then I was caught up in a vision.
When I was in the 11th grade I worked at a furniture store in Murray Utah. I delivered the furniture. Horrible job actually, we delivered marble tables at times up several flights of stairs. I got the job because one of my church leaders was the store owner. He must of thought it a very cleaver way to exploit children by paying them 5 bucks an hour to ruin their backs for life. Anyway one day were to deliver a black table to a woman in park city. After searching for the item in the warehouse we came back to the store owner and told him we could not find the table. He told us “oh its in the back here I am almost done with it”. We went to the back office and found a half white half spray painted black table. As he finished spray painting the rest of the table he gave us a can of spray paint so we could touch it up in the truck when we got the womans house.
Thats they day I learned what business was about. Selling widgets, no matter the moral cost. I have translated that to what goes on in our health care system and I must view medicine as the store owners.
It led to one of my two great rules that I live by and challenge anyone to dissprove. rule #1 is “nothing is real”

hey… its a bitterbarn.

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