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Health Care Reform.

This is a serious post.
Politically popular and financially despised. I have been thinking a lot about whether I am for or against reform. Most, in health care agree that what we have right now is a failed state. Generally though, we think about the lack of continuity of care, we think about how we aren’t really making anyones quality of life better and we think mostly about all the red tape WE go through on a daily basis to make the business go. WE don’t really think about how its so costly or how many people don’t have access to it. In my mind; it should be costly. Its health. I personally don’t think everyone should have a right to it. everyone in our country already HAS the RIGHT to progress and prosper as they personally see fit. Every one in this country has the same opportunity.
anyway, I know the democrats are secretly trying to bring more allied heath care competition to the market. This idea is very unpopular to AMA. Who could blame them. The AMA has enjoyed a government enforced monopoly for ever. Because so many Americans believe the AMA knows best; this agenda has to be brought slowly and covertly. This is hard to explain. but if you research it some you’ll find its actually a good thing. Right wingers and conservatives quickly shoot down the idea of heath care reform and so also would I. Imagine a world where health care providers had to compete for your business. When you go to the “doctor” do you think of him/her as someone who is working for you? or are you slightly and subconsciously intimidated? Do you feel lucky/honored to talk to him and do you just take whatever he/she says as truth?? Completion is the one thing our heath care system lacks. Its been hard to change because you believe in the gate keeper. gate keeper ie medicine meaning the institution there of and the AMA. Did you know that most physical therapists and pharmacist hold the same academic degree as that of a medical doctor and yet they are restricted to practice their full scope of education because of the monopoly medicine keeps. Don’t you think a doctorate degree level pharmacist could tell you what to put on you yeast infection with the same proficiency as a “doctor”. I contest that he could.

In the future you will hear the term more and more often “Allied heath care” this refers to a group of professionals that did not go to medical school per se. but but hold doctorate degrees (usually) in their given fields. pharmacy, nursing, physical therapy, respiratory therapy, audiology I would include chiropractors even. As the talks go on; medicine will seek to discount allied health professions. Be informed and don’t make emotionally based conclusions.

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  1. Reform. I have a suggestion that would save the government Billions if not trillions over the long term, and it is this simple. If you smoke, you are not eligible for any government paid health insurance. Sure, grandfather in all of the 70 year old smokers who have been on Medicare for 30 years, but no new Medicaid/medicare candidates who are smokers. Give them a chance with a smoking cessation program, but if still smoking, then cut them off. Put the responsibility of health back in the person it belongs to. It is not my responsibility as a tax payer to pay for your smoking induced COPD/Emphysema/Lung Cancer, heart disease etc. Your health is your responsibility.

    And, it’s nice to know the Dems want to do something for me, cause I’m an Allied health care provider (PA).

    Comment by Dallon D | July 1, 2009 | Reply

  2. I wonder if Obama would cut himself off. 🙂 smoker that he is.

    Comment by matt | July 1, 2009 | Reply

  3. Woot! Woot! Thanks for the props to the PT’s. Reform must happen, but I think we should look at options other than socialized medicine. That will be the death of us all. We really do just have to cut people off. The Constitution doesn’t claim freedom to life, liberty, health care, and pursuit of happiness. You get what you earn.

    In November, Medicaid in Utah cut vision and PT point blank. Not because people don’t need them, but because they can’t manage their own fraud. Fraud of these already socialized estabilshments that we have are what’s sinking the whole system.

    Comment by Andrea | July 2, 2009 | Reply

  4. Hey I have an Idea, how about we all get this personal health account that we can pay into or if we have an employer that wants to provide “health care” can put money into. That way if at 65 I have made “wise” choices with my health I get to have what ever money is left for a really cool “someting”. Wouldn’t that put the responsibility back in the hands of those where the responsibility actually lies. Also if we didn’t have to jump through so many hoops as health seekers and health care providers(HCP’s) wouldn’t that be a win win for all invovled? All socialized Government controlled healthcare does is turn our HCP’s into public servants… and we know what happens there. Next we’ll see fortunes break down of the “best paying” jobs, guess what being a public servant does to your base salary, you don’t need to look far just look at our local educators… what a joke!

    Comment by Mark | July 2, 2009 | Reply

  5. You are an insider so I cannot speak with the same expertise and although these are my thoughts, I’m stating them to foster some more intelligent diaglogue on what CAN we do, not cannot do. 1) on “practicing the full scope of their education” I would say surely a pharmacist could tell you what cream to put on a yeast infection, but do you want the pharmacist making the diagnosis? 2)I sense (and by that I mean it’s totally obvious) a general distrust with the “man/establishment” and while I think you’re on to something, I hope you realize this is not limited to the area of medicine The whole world is filled with this kind of nonsense and it is why we don’t place our hope in the temporal. 3) The problem with “cutting people off” is that they will still show up in the ER and someone (you, me) will still pay for it – we’ll be back where we started. 4) You’re right, there is not document that says health care is a right, just one that says “do unto others…” I wonder how many of our HCPs would pass by the man on the road to Jericho because he didn’t have insurance – government or otherwise. I would say HCPs do a great job — they are indeed mere mortals, but they are willing and have taken the task of keeping our nation healthy against many odds. I hope we can reach some sort of medium where our HCPs and our people are best served.

    Comment by Anonymous | August 6, 2009 | Reply

  6. When my car is broke down, I can’t drive it, it wont start, it doesn’t do anything for me. When my arm is broken I cant use it. When my computer is broken I can’t use it, it does not help me. Our health care system is broken, ehh, I use our health care system all the time. our health care system works and helps the majority of Americans constantly. So, clearly there are costs and issues with our health care, but its not broken. Give me different terminology.

    What gives eh? I’ve heard doctors quote studies that say the cost of health care is 35% greater because of CYA medicine (ordering more labs and imaging to prevent malpractice suits) . But then I hear a democrat (on CNN of all places) quote a study saying that tort reform would only save 1 to 4 percent of health care costs. That is a 31 to 34 percent difference. So, Issue one, tort reform as a change to our broken (uh, not broken, but too expensive) health care system.

    Comment by Dallon D | August 14, 2009 | Reply

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