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The games we play.

   After such a long spell of lack luster gamming ie pirates of the burnning sea, assasins creed, and some lame console games. 

  WE have reached a moment in time;  A time in whicha meteor the size of a basketball strikes the earth and shakes us all out of bed at midnight AND a time In which THREE games are so good, you HAVE to play them all at once.  I’ll preview the  three here.  I’d like to say firs that if you don’ play games your IQ is dropping “just sayin”.  does your wife not let you play?  Does your computer suck?  Or do you look down your nose at us; do you think “tsk so many things he could be doing with his idle time”   to you I say  I’ve got people for those things.


  AION                                                        See full size image

 This game is an “MMO”  (massive mutiplayer online)  Which I swore I would never play again after years of grinding my life away on world of warcraft (WOW).  But, that feeling of being part of a group that goes around thwarting bad guys and in this case other players; was calling to me. The sense of accomplishment in this game comes early and often.  Its WAY better than any of its MMO predissesors albiet I never played Everquest.  there are four classes in the begging  Mage (caster type)  Warrior ( Melee /big damage./big armor)  Priest (healer) and Scout ie (rouge/archerer)  when you get to level ten you pick an “advanced class” there is so much specializing in this game you can make your charcter as personlized and uniqe as you can imagine,  It has the usuall down sides ie the subscription (14.00) month and newb camping. I really like this game and would love someone to play it with me (shamless plug).


 Borderlands                       See full size image


          These pics don’t do this game any justice at all.  Not that this game is grafically superior (ITS NOT)  but its not bad. for those of you who spend your time excersising, praying or doing projects around the house this game falls into a Genra commonly refered to as the FPS or (first person shooter)  This is the kind of game your nut job relief society president says makes kids go to mall and shoot people.   This is a run and gun gmae, 1) you get a mission, 2) you go shoot stuff, 3) you get a sweet reward.  I don’t know how they’ve done it but he rewards are better and better and keep you playing this game.  last weekend two brothers and myself played this for almost 30 hours stright. we had to take a break to reduce our own hemmoroids.  What makes this game so popular are two things 1) the RAndom gun genrator.  This means this game has a bazzilion diffrent guns somthimes  you pick up a garden varitey shot gun and other times you pick up a  three round burst rocket launcher.  (yeah  I know hu?) 2) the other thing is the specializaion of the charchter you play; this is a new twist for FPS for example  I am a hunter but i can put skill points in my pet (which goes out and does tons of damage for me) or I can specialize in my Sniper rifles or become a  duel weilding  pistol dude.      CONS  as you level in this game  you can only play with people that are of the same level so you have to find a way to keep playing with the same people the best way is to lock 4 people in a room on Lan for 40  hours and get it done.  I M O  I like this game alot and again if you your wife gives you  your balls back, please come play this with me 🙂


MODERN WARFARE 2                       See full size image


          This game had the biggest release in the history of games.  Even if you spend your days shuttling kids to play group or someother nonesense there is no way you did’t hear about this in the news.  DO NOT FALL INTO THE TRAP of thinking this is a console fps like halo where you end up staring at a split screen moving around with thumb gimbles. IT IS NOT.  at least not the pc version .  honeslty this is a violent game. but it really makes you feel alive.  You think your pretty good, you can move around? well avoid detection stay in cover? you have good aming skills with the mouse., youve been around the block  ie counter strike  and battlefield type games.  WEll, with this game you seperate the men from the boys.  if your video card has the slightest hickup in it   you will die.  I’ve only played 1/10 of what this game has to offer and the low levels are difficutly/   FUN but difficult.  if you wanna get in a C130 with me and go crush the chinese PUUULEEESSSSEEEE lets do it man.


                  These are great games  I hope at some point you will look at your life and say, what do i do, do i have a hobby am i a part of somthing awesome. and when you relize you don’ do anything fun.  call me. I will show you the meaning of  FRAG

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