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10,000 Hits woot woot.

     Not that I check every second. But I happened to notice that yesterday my blog finally hit the 10,000 Hits mark.  What a glorious time in our nations history this is.  Why, I remember it like it was only a year ago that I was writing my first post about having to shop with my wife to pick out a bra.  Since that time the Blog has taken on a life of its own, always “keeping it real”.  Blogs and Blogging in general has gained so much popularity so that everyone whose anyone has a blog.  Even though some of the time I think. “some people”shouldn’t be allowed to voice their opinion publicly.  Most blogs I’ve noticed are of the Christmas card type though which I enjoy checking very often.

    Anyway I was up all night and this blog posting is horrific.  Thanks for your continued interest about what I think and say. I will continue to try and keep it real by bringing in stuff that’s awesome.


    one last Gigantic thanks to the administrators at Texas Tech University; specifically the Anesthesia department.   I thank you for your blinding Ignorance.  The department chair and the school of medicine dean have showed me and 8 of my colleagues a new level of business ineptitude.  For  without your frail inabilities; I and my friends would not be in the situation we are in  now.  The best jobs of our lives. We had no Idea we were providing you with free Anesthesia. 🙂

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