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The Black Hole

Do you know what a Black hole is?

Technically I am not sure I could explain the phenomena. I do know there have been movies about “black holes”, I learned about “black holes” in a science class in High School. If you have never heard of a “black hole” and are nevertheless using the Internet; you can excuse yourself right now. Please don’t come back to this blog. As I have mistakenly made an assumption that there are some universal truths that “everyone” is aware of regardless of race.

Now here is a JUDGE.

This video is SEVEN kinds of stupid. We are about to elect one of these folks for president. This man isn’t stupid because of his race. Its his culture!! I challenge any Black, Afro American or brotha to come on here and explain to me just what this “judge” is thinking I would like to find a plethora of black folks who think the exact same way as this fella.

If thats not enough to kill some brain cells watch this one.

White-as-a-ghost: An unpleasant state of being after a frightening experience.White-lie: An attempt to justify a falsehood.

White-noise: Excessive talking that is devoid of meaning or purpose.
White-chip: Something of little or minimal value.
White-elephant: An item thought significant but revealed to be useless.
White-food: Unhealthy processed foods; sugars, bleached flour, starch.
Whitehead: An embarrassing and unsightly pimple.
Whitewash: To cover over a scandal or wrong doing.
Whiteout: A hazardous winter weather condition.
White-feather: The symbol of cowardliness.
White-livered: A coward.
White-flag: A signal of weakness and surrender.
White-lighting: An illegal form of alcohol.
Whitewater & Whitecaps: Turbulent and perilous water conditions.

This guy helps make policy.

UPdate: It’s called a “black hole” because the gravitational force is so great that NOT EVEN LIGHT can escape from it.

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