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           A deep Kowtow to my friends over at marine products. I had some work done on my boat.  I gave them the ridiculous request in doing the work in one day.  They completed the work on my boat in the time I needed.  Then, i was 30 min late to pick it up.  The store closes at 1800 I didn’t make it there until 1830 The store was closed but someone waited for me to get there to pick up my boat.  The customer service at this place is the real deal.  I have to recommend it to all my water sports comrades.

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Rich Dad and UPS go on notice.

Dearest fellow consumers:

I am writing to tell you that due to my recent experience with both of the afore mentioned corporations it is now time to shun our purchase power from their unscrupulous pockets. On Thursday May 29th I was trying to purchase a game made by the Rich Dad company. Rich Dad is a company owned by Robert Kiyosaki; He authored the book “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” Teaching others how to get rich via self dicipline and other good values. He now sells books and games through his on line store.

It was important for me to have the game shipped to be as quickly as possible as my family is together this weekend and we wanted to play it. The game can only be purchased via his website as he does not allow retailers to sell the game. (greedy greed head) I was told that I could purchase next day shipping for an additional 66.00 the game is about 190.00 to begin with. Being the quick fix person I am I of course purchased the next day shipping on Thursday 1600 Utah time to be shipped from Nevada.

Now its Friday night and it has not arrived. After calling the company they basically confessed that they treated my purchase like all other purchases and waited until the next day (today) to ship it. Today they tell me I will not receive the product I purchased until Monday. grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. freakin grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. I explained that when someone pays and extra 70 bucks to get a certain shipping they should see to it that it is done right. After calling UPS they told me they don’t care and that it is up to the business to warn the consumer when the actual product of shipping next will not be achieved.

I feel like this is another case of capitolism strikes again. You see rich dad doesn’t care if I am a satisfied customer or not, even though I payed 30% more for their product to be shipped to me special. I’ve decided in the end that this is more likely the way that Robert Kiyosaki made his millions. (by ripping off customers). I am told that in capitolism my only re-course is to right a nasty blog to discourage others from doing business with these unscrupulous businesses.

UPDATE UPS just posted the detail that it was not picked up until 1730 this evening.. (after I called and complained, intresting eh)  strange makes me think UPS does do pickups after 1700 at that warehouse.

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prospering in the land

   Whilst I was watching the news wating for “American Idol” to come on.  A “finacial expert” was interviewed,  He said that gas will be five or six dollars per/gallon by the end of summer. Wow, double wow even.  In the same news hour, I heard a segment that reported the figure Exxon mobile reporting record profits. up 11.6 Billion from last year;  thats Billion with a “B”.

        So how do we judge these guys.  since I consider myself an exeptional judge Ill throw out some options.

       1.  good for them what a great buisness, Iam glad my stock is going up. Thankyou land of milk and honey. lets hear it for capitolism.

     2. What dirt bags, how can they put money in the bank while I am putting my kids college money in my gas tank.

      3.  Is president Bush gonna put down the pretzels and do somthing about this. how about government regulation; or mabye just more tax breaks. for these crooks.  Why didn’t we impeach him already?

     4.  If your a mormon in utah you know somone who works for EXXON MOBILE; mabye this is what they call “prospering in the land”.

  either way this seems rather epocolyptical to me, is this the second comming? Wars and rumors of war, constituion hangging “by a thread”.

        Guess I better buy a vespa and a bunch of wheat if they still have some at costco.

    Furthermore, I don’t giva a rats ass about terrorism(anymore) or the price of rice in china.  We got problems man; here at home, fix em, your in charge retard!! thats it ,I am putting President Bush on notice. I officialy call for his and Dick chenneys resignation.

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The Wheels On the Bus

How can I sit Idle during this most recent airline/safety fiasco?

So, come to find out this particular maintenance that is being done  has been long over due and is only being done now because it came to public light that the FAA was turning a blind eye to it.

   The Other Foot;

  So now that American Airlines, on the third day has left  thousands stranded due to cancellations because the Wheel Wiring is being “fixed” on all these planes. I just wonder what the quality of the work that is being done is like.  ON THE WHEELS!!!  Certainly you can imagine the managers of this operation standing around with a bull whip going “hurry hurry hurry, we are loosing money; that’s good enough on that one, bring the next one in, How many more do we have to do. OMG…” ON THE WHEELS!!!!       Capitalism???  Big business?????   I do think so.   Look, if we are putting super glue on large wounds in operating room to save time in closing, I guarantee you some corner is being cut on these planes.

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