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Some people can’t dance

With this post I will partake of some personal indulgence; stay tuned for the usual rant style post in my upcoming “The Bull’s take on Breastfeeding”First; start the player sweet graphics and real 1720 pirate ships

Man; I feel bad for people who don’t dance or whom are tone deaf. When I think of all the great things they miss out on I thank the heavens that I have all my faculties to aid me in the sweet experiences these skills afford. Actually I don’t even believe either of the afore mentioned birth defects exist in nature. Go to your nearest loved one; afflicted with ailment of “tonedeafedness” and ask them to sing “The alphabet song” or “happy birthday”. I bet that most every time; these “tone deaf” people are instantly and temporarily cured. So, why; you ask are they able tosing “marry had a little lamb” and not “the star spangled banner”. ONE WORD, desireandrepition. They have sung “the alphabet song” at least a thousand times over the course of their life and the same goes for “happy birthday”. They want to sing it right, and they have to sing it right. When asked to sing these songs they are not nervous, they know; they know it. (start the player again for effect)


Some people don’t play video games. This time, they will miss out. A new computer game is being launched January 22nd. My brother and I have been part of a super elite group of stress testers (aka open beta 🙂 Its called Pirates of the Burning Sea. In the game you can be a pirate or Frenchmen, you can be Spanish or English. You can be a naval officer or a merchantmen, A free trader. You can go to battle against other sloops, frigates or battle ships and use your sailing skills. Use strategy and wind direction to destroy you enemies sails and hull; then plunder the booty. The game has a real working economy. You can manufacture items to be sold on the market. Make ammo or ships, mine iron, copper or saltpeter. Advance to the big ships; Brigs and “ship of the line”. The game creators strive to make the game historically acurate’ 1720 Caribbean. I know so many people who would love this game. Sadly these same people, I will never convince to play. Why will they not play. One word desire. If they could just get past the shiny colors and reading , and clicking involved with the learning how. They would thank me a thousand times over. If I have in anyway peeked your interest. I invite you to come play with us. We will form an alliance of industry and ships and take over the world.

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It is time to confess.

I bought a MAC. Now, Now; wait a minute let me explain. It was time for a new computer. My “old” one which I built had reached its limit; as all good computers do. I almost bought a MAC last time. I was at best buy and they had a sweet deal going on. Sure, I may have fell prey to the 24″ HD screen.

Have I been happy with my purchase? To be honest, the second day I had it I almost took it back. I was really pushing it hard; bringing up multiple applications at once while trying to do RAM heavy media projects. It did freeze up. I had to reset it about 5 times that day. But, once I learned some simple things like where exactly certain files were being stored, and some “hot keys” ie ctrl c for copy on the pc is slightly different on the MAC. I have become pleased. Boot up is lighting quick and working between multiple application was very quick. I never really was able to get Msft Outlook to work right for me but on my MAC it was a breeze. When I plugged it in (and really that’s all you do) it immediately said “which of the following networks would you like to use”? And, my home network was one of the choices. As far as gaming goes , other than the graphics it has not proved itself yet. I can also put windows on the machine which I will do tonight.

There have been some social repercussions. My brother quickly exclaimed that I am now dead to him. Some co-workers (the non mac users) have proclaimed their disgust. On the other hand I have met several closet MAC users who have befriended me. I will not encourage you to by a MAC. You must come to this on your own. But, don’t deny that you haven’t thought about it.

Also I was able to make this straight out of the box( this audio file) no microphone to attach no software nothing just my amazing talent. This piece of software (garage-band) gives me ideas.
And here it is

The bull

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