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Some peoples kids…

We have 4 kids right? All very young; the oldest being 7. We love em, sure. But every once in a while (weekly) we like to get away from them. It’s for their safety really. So, Friday or Saturday we will likely get a baby sitter. This is no cheap thrill. Usually we end up paying the baby sitter between 20 and 40 bucks a night (no less than 20). I am not ranting about paying a sitter. I like to pay them well (you get what you pay for). The rant has to do with the company we keep when we go out.

Almost every time we plan to go out with another couple; They bring their kids. So now we are paying a baby sitter so we can endure someone elses kid! In fact last weekend a couple asked us to hold their kid while we are at an event (that was a 100 dollar date babysitter included). Why do people bring their kids? I have asked my self a million times. Are they too cheap to get a baby sitter? Do they love their kids more than we do and hence can barley stand to part with them for dinner? One time I actually referred to one of these caudled children as “the golden child” to which came the reply “that’s right he/she is the golden child”. I’ve noted that these are usually younger parents or parents that only have one kid. I’ve also noticed that these kids have a hard time being left in nursery or away from their parents at in general. I really don’t care what the origin or rational is for this behavior I just want to know how I can find respite myself.

I want to go out with my wife and not see or hear mine or someone Else’s kid. On the other hand, I like to have adult conversation. I enjoy the company of my adult friends. I suppose at some point I have to choose; which I have done in some cases. ” We can’t go out with so and so cuz they will bring their kid”. And their you have it. Some peoples kids are just special(if you know what I mean).

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