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Hanna Montana

     What I should say is, freak that girls is driving me nuts.

    Yesterday we took everyone to see Hana Montana the Movie.  I see a lot of kids shows.  Beverly hills chewawa (horrible), Wal-E  (worse, slept through it), Bolt ( meh), Monsters VS. Aliens (at least I stayed awake).

   Hana Montana I had such low expectations for.  I had planned on watching tv on my new samsung enternity.  Honestly though It was a pretty good show.  Predictable feel good Disney esque???  yeah.  But it was punchy and just punchy enough to keep me watching.  Was I dancing when she sang songs I’ve heard on radio Disney a million times?   um… yeah.  Worst of all though; There comes a point in the movie where being Hanna and Miley is just ruining hers and every-ones life and she decides to come clean and tell everyone who she really is.  My wife busted me crying.  I am not proud  but I may be just that stressed. 

      Net effect;

     I liked it. It was a good clean show. I started feeling bad for stars and all the attention they get.  I think I am gonna learn the Ho-down Throw-down.

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Battlestar opening theme

I think one reason the show has gained such cult like popularity is the opeining song.   listen to this.   the one at the bottom is my favorite.  its mezmorizing when you watch it in real life.


  I guess he wasn’t into the italian so much here are the actuall lyrics and translation.

oṃ bhūr bhuvaḥ svaḥ
tát savitúr váreniyaṃ
bhárgo devásya dhīmahi
dhíyo yó naḥ pracodáyāt

One possible translation of the Sanskrit into English reads:

O earth, atmosphere, heaven:
May we attain that excellent glory of Savitr the God:
So may he stimulate our prayers.


    I like this one.

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The Battlestar Galactica

My newest tangent is this little beauty of a show. I only vaguely remember the original show back in the 70’s. I do remember that haunting red beam that would go back and forth so slowely in the centurions eye. I started season one about 3 weeks ago and have watched them all up until the real time episodes. You can buy the seasons on DVD at walmart or download them from itunes. At itunes it 1.99 per episode. This show is full of theology; even more so than star wars. Rumor has it that the original writer/creator was a Mormon and you can defiantly tell.

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Love is like Tape

Ok so its been a slightly uninspring month. These dudes are hillarous though. they have a tv show on HBO. you can download episodes from ITUNES “flight of the conchords”

in this scene Jermaine is trying to give bret some compliments so he will stop being bulimic.

this one speaks for itself.

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