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Mr. Fancypants

Chances are you pants are not as fancy as the pair

of very fancy pants, that mr. fancypants would wear.

when everybodies marchin in the fancy pants parade

he’s gonna be the best, he’s gonna pass the test.

the best in terms of pants.

You look in every catoluge and shop in every store.

cuz even though you have a hundred pants you want some more.

then suddenly you see the greatest pants you’ve ever seen.

and even though you know its gonna cost alot of dough

you have to have the worlds best pants.

Say a little prayer for mr. fancy pants.

the whole world knows its only clothes yet deep inside he’s sad.

They make the bid annoucment and the trophy goes to you.

you thought you had some fancy pants and now you know its true.

you look at mr. fancypants and hold the trophy high

everybody cheers while he’s blinking back the tears.

he doesn’t even have the best pants.

by johnathan coulton

Happy Birthday Dobber.

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