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Is That a Fat Joke?

I am a fat guy; There I said it. It becomes ever more comfortable as the years go by. Personally I think Iam more Bull than Hippo. Although, because Iam a fella who weighed in at 116 lbs on his first drivers license I reminded daily; both by myself and others that my current habitus is not what Mother nature intends.

Skinny People, if not overtly, tend to promote themselves to the level of all knowing when it comes to feeling pity for us poor fat people. Fortunately for us fat people, we are at no loss when it comes to trying to figure out how we got to this sad and lowly state. Fat people need not bother with reading magazines about weight loss, or scientific journals. We don’t need an instructor or Jenny Craig, nor dietitian or genetics councilor. Simply ask your “friendly” neighborhood skinny person what ever you could do to loose some weight and you will be blasted with a smorgasboard of premediatated pontification; that has lay dormant for so long awaiting your request.

Near daily Iam approached with new fangled diets or a new exercise regimen offered by skinny people as a token of charity. Do I look so miserable I ask myself. I must look like the little old lady on the side of the road with a flat tire. Something about us fat people must scream out Help me Help me.  maybe people believe in the BMI Body Mass Index.  A system developed by an Insurance company to place Fat people into categories. The Higher your BMI the less they have to insure you.  Consequently Higher BMI’s have been associated with disease states.  rubbish.

On behalf of fat people everywhere; Don’t call us, We’ll call you. Don’t you skinny people realize that if we weren’t fat, where would you be?? Your welcome (in advance).


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