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Dental appointment and … Pepper spray.

No Secret I don’t like Dogs as much as the next guy. Not sure why, I just don’t trust them. Thier animals, you can’t reason with them. (heh, reminds my of adminstrators in Texes) I digress.

This new place we live has a Dog problem, Our neighbors have a pit bull that is allowed to roam the streets unfettered. I’ve called the police and animal controle to verify the constantly broken city ordinance envolving leashes and dogs.

One officer suggested we buy some “pepperspray”. I purchased some; found next to the bear repellant spray and Sportsmans warehouse. Its Important to note at this time that “PEPPER” is not the only active ingredient in “pepper spray”. CS gas, CS is short for 2-chlorobenzalmalononitrile if anyone cares. CS is whats is used in Riot or “tear” gas for crowd controle.\

The kids where excited to have weapon against the fell beasts that roam the streets in our neighborhood and unbeknownst to me; my child concealed this weapon and took it with her to the Dentist office on Tuesday. She claims that when she sat down the weapon “pepper spray” discharged in her pocket. well, you can only imagine the mayhem brought upon the entire dentist office at this point. I believe I have every right to embarrass my children beyond belief when they get older as payback.

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