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addendum  4/10/2008

very rare is it that a movie comes along to dethrown my previous “all-time-favorite”

Juno is one of those, April 15th rent it on DVD.

This song is originally done by “The Moldy Peaches”.

yes its supposed to be sung like that.

that was long over due.

 I did’t know this, but apperanly this movie tookand has taken heat from religous zealots mabye even some of you. Why,  The movie is in fact about a teeage girl who gets pregnant.  I suppose some of my right wing counterparts might find it “inapropriate” to make a movie about something like this.  The girl in the Movie is brillant for her age. I would hope my own daughters would be like this girl if (heaven forbid) they went through somthing like this.

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Peanutbutter and Jelly

This is my favorite group “Inside Out” and I cant get this song out of my head.. enjoy.. click on little blue arrow
cool eh?


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