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All white people must report at 0700 to the local cotton field for orientation.

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Lets not do it again.

Wanna see exactly why we are in this financial crisis?

I was surprised to learn that it is an actual goal of government to make sure that everyone has a home. everyone. should everyone have a home?? …. shelter yes, home… I don’t think so.

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Bill O Cowtow #2

Thankyou Bill for having the courage to make people uncomforable. Thankyou for using your platform to say the things we want to.

ok.  why do we have guys in charge named  Barney or Hank?  Why do they all have speech impediments?

Just look at that guy.  Is he an elected official?  who elects these people?   does he look like who goes to work everyday to do his best?

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Dear good fellas

Dear: Hank paulson (sec of treasury) and Ben Barnake (not sure what you do.. sorry)

     I am writing you this letter to wish you well. Hank I Love what you’ve done with you hair, and I have to say I hardly noticed you stutter this morning when you addressed the congress.  Ben you are looking dapper as ever. How is the wife?; send my regard please.  As you both know, I foolhardily endeavoured to better by myself by going to graduate school.   My short sightedness in such an undertaking has landed me in a little bit of a fix with my “school loan debt”.   Any-who since we are old pals and because I kept our little secret from last years American association of financial idiots conference; under wraps. I thought you could do me a little favor.  Since “money”  in the billion to trillion dollar range seems to come so easily to you I thought you could help me out with my school load debt.  A bail-out if you will. Lets call it a “one time” bail out. 🙂  My 160,000 should seem like a drop in the bucket to you.  If you could send a cashiers check  asap I would appreciate it. thanks.

   the bull

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