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prospering in the land

   Whilst I was watching the news wating for “American Idol” to come on.  A “finacial expert” was interviewed,  He said that gas will be five or six dollars per/gallon by the end of summer. Wow, double wow even.  In the same news hour, I heard a segment that reported the figure Exxon mobile reporting record profits. up 11.6 Billion from last year;  thats Billion with a “B”.

        So how do we judge these guys.  since I consider myself an exeptional judge Ill throw out some options.

       1.  good for them what a great buisness, Iam glad my stock is going up. Thankyou land of milk and honey. lets hear it for capitolism.

     2. What dirt bags, how can they put money in the bank while I am putting my kids college money in my gas tank.

      3.  Is president Bush gonna put down the pretzels and do somthing about this. how about government regulation; or mabye just more tax breaks. for these crooks.  Why didn’t we impeach him already?

     4.  If your a mormon in utah you know somone who works for EXXON MOBILE; mabye this is what they call “prospering in the land”.

  either way this seems rather epocolyptical to me, is this the second comming? Wars and rumors of war, constituion hangging “by a thread”.

        Guess I better buy a vespa and a bunch of wheat if they still have some at costco.

    Furthermore, I don’t giva a rats ass about terrorism(anymore) or the price of rice in china.  We got problems man; here at home, fix em, your in charge retard!! thats it ,I am putting President Bush on notice. I officialy call for his and Dick chenneys resignation.

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