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Sweatshirt redistribution

          I had this red  Texas Tech Sweatshirt.  It was a “hoody” it was fun to wear.  I haven’t seen it for about three weeks.  I’ve looked everywhere.  Yesterday a little Hispanic kid got off the bus and started walking home.  HE WAS WEARING MY SHIRT.  How many people in Utah have  Texas Tech Sweatshirts.  Texans don’t even have “Sweatshirts”.  This kid was wearing a shirt that looked about 5 sizes to big for him.

    I must have left it in my car.  I guess when his parents went out birthday shopping they didn’t even make  it to wall mart; just my car.  So now what do I do?  I don’t mind giving it to the poor.

      I just didn’t relize that Obamas plan would go into effect so soon.  Come to think of it they have always practiced the “Obama deal”  I just did’t they they could come on over and help them selves.  Don’t worry little buddy I’ll pay your parents taxes.

  the bull

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