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Memories of a hurricaine

Watching the news; and seeing the hurricane news reminded me of the last time I was accosted by a disturbing piece of weather. August 2005 we had been invited to go with my parents to a luxurious resort in playa del carmen. They had gotten a once in a life time offer to stay at the resort. A ridiculously low price for the accommodation had us packing our bags. Ninety dollars for a week of sun, beach and buffets was just the carrot we needed to drag our then family of 5 to Mexico in the height of hurricane season. In hind site maybe the price and season where evenly matched though I’ve never confirmed it.
So we set off in search of our nirvana in full knowledge of a brewing hurricane Wilma. Far too excited to give any credence to a brewing hurricane Wilma that was days away anyway; We arrived and enjoyed our first day sitting by the pool, getting massages, braiding our hair, drinking pina coladas and dancing. It was truly going to be one of the most relaxing vacations I had ever taken despite having three small children with us.
The buzz about hurricane Wilma began to be more apparent anytime we went anywhere that had a TV. The hurricane had whipped itself into the largest hurricane in the history of the gulf. The weather mans for casted trajectory had the eye of the hurricane literally hitting our beach in the next day or two. Of course we took this to be hog-wash, cuz everyone know that the hurricane will turn and completely miss us.
Later that night the hospital delivered a message, a warning really, that they expected the hurricane to indeed hit the resort and the local government was encouraging all foreigners to fly home right away. we drove inland and had the most authentic Mexican vacation ever. I am no longer a fan of hurricanes.

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