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Your emotions betray you!!!

Your emotions betray you. I’ve pondered this meaning for some time now, and have taken this wisdom from it. In the movie when Darth Vader says ” your emotions or your thoughts betray you” he means to say that luke is giving away his position by having such strong emotion.
Applied in our lives I believe Darth gives us wisdom to live by When we are overcome with strong emotion our feeling turn into actions that very often undermine our end goals. For example When we are angry or sad our simple emotion; unchecked turns into action we often later regret.

conversely; I am taught to belive that it is threw my emotion that I will know the truthfulness of things.
Another point Eckhart Tolle brings up is “ego” you don’t tell your heart to beat do you? it just does it. its involuntary. you gut performs digestion on its own. Like wise you brain thinks all day. your brain is very often evolved in a conversation with it self. We think this is who we are. The dialogue in our brain that is. But that is not who we are. That is ego. Don’t let the on going thoughts and dialogue ¬†going on in you head undermine your goals.

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