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Jesus is a friend of mine.

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To Err is Human…

Don’t think this about you.  It’s not; and  it is.

Largely I wish you’d keep your gospel insights to yourself.  So many opinions about something you really don’t understand.

I believe we are here to learn.  Learn and progress.  More specifically we are to become “more Christlike”; and thus more Godlike.  We are well on our way actually.  We have bodies like god.  We procreate like God. We are able to practice love like God. We are our own agents, free to make our own decisions like God. We are in a testing chamber practicing to become Godlike. If you think this is blasphemy; please just move along you cannot be helped.

There is at least this thing I can think of that we cannot yet begin to practice. This thing which God does so perfectly and so completely and we fail so miserably at.  Forgiveness.  We speak about it.  We only understand a small part of it.  It is the biggest thing that sets us apart.  Gods capacity to forgive is so beyond our human ability that we cannot comprehend it.  But when we do… When we do we will begin to see the world and universe the way God does.

I heard someone say on the radio the other day that a good marriage is the union of two great forgivers.

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The Baptist Reich

UPDATE  TExas supreme courts upholds move to return children.

Welp, I don’t want to re-hash the history of everything that has gone on over in Laredo but here is a link that very cleanly shows what happened in the appeals court last week. Here.

The short story is thus. The appeals court in Austin basically overturned the ruling by the local court in San Angelo citing insufficient evidence to remove all 400+ children emergently. About 12 children have been reunited with their families thus far. This of course is not over as the State of Texas; in order to save some kind of face is taking the matter to the Texas Supreme court.

This is a battle won for those of us interested in the Constitution and justice. For those of you who are “anti-enemy” and hope for badness to befall those whom you don’t necssarily agree with, who share my “faith”. I am ashamed.

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General Authority recap.

I remember when I was a young boy, on small farm in Idaho…

Isn’t that the way most talks start during general conference. Or at least they used to. I was perusing through the changes in the “qurom of the twelve apostles” and relized that either half of them died and were replaced or I have been out of touch for a while (more likely). Seems like they are trying to get “call” younger folks, maybe not. Also, it appears as though being a 3rd grade drop out no longer flies when it comes to prophet, seers and revelators. no knock, its a factual observation. I’d say being a professional is a prerequisite.

is this “evil speaking of the lords anointed”? I’ve been asking around latley as what people believe it means to “sustain” someone. One person believes that is simply means that you will do what they say. ie if the bishop says do this or do that If I “sustain” him I simply have to do what he says. I am afraid its much, much more that just being a blind follower. Last week in my parents ward a new ward mission leader was called. The counselor said. If you sustain him you will not check your caller ID and avoid him. So I have to think “sustaining” has something to do with caller ID.

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