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My people (controversy)

first this. Whites, Blacks, Mexicans, Indians, Cubans, Latinos, Pollocks, Italians, Jews, and all mater of races

Where are my “people”?

Everyone’s got people. Al Sharpton has his “People”.

Felipe Calderón Hinojosa has his “people”.

These guys; I see their “people” everywhere. But I don’t see my people anymore, where did they go?

When I work at the hospital I don’t see my people anywhere. When I go to the grocerie store, all I see is these guys people and almost none of my “people”.

Racist? um. NO. I don’t think so I am just wondering where my people went. Did they migrate back to the mother land?

A word about racism: If there is any “hate” going on its not becuase of these peoples skin colors. heaven knows I bend over backwords to try and get a little “colla” in my skin. I tan, I go to indoor tanning in the winter, somtimes I buy expensive paint to be sprayed on myself (including my nether regions) to try and get a little darker. So no I wouldn’t say that ANY discontent on my part has anything to do with COLLOR and subsequently RACE.

Its Culture that I have a problem with. A question. Is it their culture or their race that makes them not stand in line, tatoo themselves crazy, never take a shower, crowd the cheap entertainment places, not care to speak our language, not work, use our health care free, neglect personal education, crowd our prisons and our court rooms, bring disease and bad fashion and destroy our constitution? I don’t think any of these things have to do with RACE. Rather I suggest it is their culture; and whose to say some white people don’t embrase a culture that endorses some of the above?

We are not racially intolerant we are culturally intolerant; this is our country I don’t think we should beat ourselves up over making visitors/immigrants feel good. and now with our county in peril we can no longer tolerate other cultures. sorry, shows over, go home we need to clean up the mess, come back later.

A few weeks ago my family went to sea-world in San Antonio. While at this venue I looked around and noticed that; while the place was packed, my people where nowhere in site. I saw many peoples people but none of my people. I began to wonder if I had missed the white folks memo. By the end of the day I concluded that my people; must have been at work. 🙂

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